What is the optimal diameter for a grab rail?

What is the optimal diameter for a grab rail?

  • 30 January, 2024
  • Frederick Tomblin

The optimal diameter for a grab rail can depend on various factors, including the intended use, user preferences, and any applicable accessibility standards. In general, grab rails are designed to provide a secure and comfortable grip for individuals who may need assistance with stability and balance.

For residential use, grab rails typically have diameters ranging from 32mm to 38mm. This size is considered comfortable for most users to grasp securely. However, it's essential to consider the specific needs of the individuals using the grab rail.

Ultimately, the optimal diameter may vary based on individual preferences and needs. It's advisable to consult your local occupational therapist and consider the preferences when determining the size of grab rails.

Fred Mill designs grab rails with a diameter of 32mm, this ensures all users are able to grip the grab rail securely and comfortably. 

Please see a selection of Fred Mill grab rails here - https://www.fredmill.com/products

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