Best places to install grab rails in a bathroom

Best places to install grab rails in a bathroom

  • 11 January, 2024
  • Frederick Tomblin

Grab bars in a bathroom are important for providing support and stability, especially for individuals with mobility issues or those at risk of slipping and falling. Here are some general guidelines for placing grab bars in a bathroom:

  1. Shower & Bathtub Area:
    • Vertical grabs bars: Install a vertical grab bar near the entrance of the shower or tub to assist with getting in and out.
    • Horizontal grab bars: Place horizontal grab bars along the sidewall or back wall of the shower or tub at various heights to provide support during bathing.
  2. Toilet Area:
    • Install grab bars on either side of the toilet to assist with sitting down and standing up.
    • A horizontal grab bar can be placed on the wall directly behind the toilet to help users transition on and off the seat.
  3. Near the Sink:
    • Consider placing a grab bar near the sink, especially if there is open wall space, to assist with standing and balancing while using the sink.
  4. Transition Areas:
    • Install grab bars in areas where there are transitions between different surfaces, such as near the entrance of the bathroom or where the bathroom floor may be slippery.
  5. Installation Tips:
    • Ensure that the grab bars are securely installed into wall studs to provide proper support. Consider working with a handy man, builder, or plumber to identify wall studs.

When choosing where to install grab bars, we recommend working with an occupational therapist as they will be able to provide personalised recommendations based on individual requirements (e.g. based on the user’s height and mobility needs).

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