Where should grab rails be installed around the house?

Where should grab rails be installed around the house?

  • 06 January, 2024
  • Frederick Tomblin

Grab rails, also known as grab bars, can be installed in various locations throughout a home to enhance safety and provide support for individuals with mobility challenges. Here are some common areas where grab rails can be installed:

  1. Bathroom:
    • Shower/Tub Area: Install grab bars near the entrance and inside the shower or tub to assist with entering, exiting, and maintaining balance during bathing.
    • Toilet Area: Place grab bars on both sides of the toilet to aid in sitting down and standing up. Ensure that the bars are securely anchored to the wall by fixing into wall studs.
  2. Hallways and Staircases:
    • Install grab rails along hallways and staircases to provide support while walking or navigating stairs. This can be especially important for individuals with balance issues.
  3. Bedroom:
    • Mount grab bars near the bed to assist with getting in and out of bed. Consider the individual's specific needs and preferences for optimal placement.
  4. Living Room:
    • Install grab rails near sofas or chairs to provide support when sitting down or standing up.
  5. Entrances and Exits:
    • Place grab bars near the main entrances and exits of the home to assist with stability when entering or leaving the building. Consider installing grab bars near any doorways that have steps. For example, by the front door if there is a step going up into the entrance of the house.
  6. Kitchen:
    • Install grab bars near countertops or areas where the individual may need support while cooking or performing tasks in the kitchen. 

When installing grab bars, it's crucial to follow safety guidelines, secure them to wall studs for proper support, and consider the individual's height and reach for optimal placement. Consulting with an occupational therapist can help ensure that grab bars are installed in the most effective and safe locations based on specific needs.

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